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DIY step by step: how to make wooden falcon

Once upon a time, my uncle gave me a lot of unused tape from wooden boards. I was able to cut them with knife or scissors and carve them easily, also to smeared with sandpaper. I was looking for the opportunity where I could use my passion for solving puzzles, sticking things together. When I was finally able to make very delicate fish scales, roof tiles or bird feathers for the first time. Continue reading DIY step by step: how to make wooden falcon


CNC machine: my conceptual design (part.1)

Some time before I’ve got a colleague request to create simple CNC milling machine design, so that computer model and it’s images could be used as a short movie clip at some global crowdfunding platform. Continue reading CNC machine: my conceptual design (part.1)

Wintergatan – Marble machine

This is one of the most beautiful and intricate works what I have seen, Wintergatan – Marble machine. This machine should be attributed to the kinetic sculptures, some mechanics combined with art, but in this case it is not a sculpture, its a musical instrument, it is much more than a musical box.  Take a look and listen me charmed machine. Continue reading Wintergatan – Marble machine