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How to please your brainiac man

All you can find on the internet, all those articles on relationships – mostly are opinions. Even those with statistics… who checks them anyway? Continue reading How to please your brainiac man


Behind the quiet engine: interview with SK’Avius Avem

An interview with SK’Avius Avem. My lovely engineer talks about his profession, personal life, being in relationships, intimacy and more. Continue reading Behind the quiet engine: interview with SK’Avius Avem

Fools & Faults

Prejudice is that one ugly thing that I really hate to the depths of my heart. Similar awful action to it would be an ignorance. These two things separates people and makes us enemies for the rest of our days. But why am I starting article with such rotten note? I’ll explain. Continue reading Fools & Faults

Lovin’ an Engineer

by Mrs. Mastermind

Love is not an easy science. You need to study your partner a lot to get straight “A”s. And even at the end of semester, at the exams pops outs questions to which you don’t have the right answers: “Am I doing everything right?”, “Why he/she is not talking with me?”, “What is happening?!”

Well, calm down. We all go through this. But for me there is one big BUT… Continue reading Lovin’ an Engineer