SK’Avius Avem

Hello everyone!

My name is SK’Avius, I’m living in Kaunas, Lithuania. I graduated from Kaunas University of Technology with bachelor degree in aviation engineering.

In high school I was studying in an enhanced art class were I learned how to created decorations, scenographies, sculptures and was engaged in weaving.

During my studies, I’ve gave lectures in KTU conferences such as “Young Scientists”, “Mechatronics” and “Vehicle”, also participated in the  “Spaceship-Earth” and “Technorama” exhibitions.
I was a member of KTU Student Scientific Society and contributed to it by organizing events, popularizing science and technology such as “Night of Researchers”“Robot’s intellect” and”Interesting experiments”.

I have been contributed to various projects like “Arionex” (wind power station), “Alovita” (turn-side bed for nursing disabled people), autogyro KTU-1 Kekstas (in engl. KTU-1 Jay), various mechanical devices for “Break Free” game rooms.

I’ve an experience in creating decorations, laboratory equipment for show events, kinematic sculptures. I’m comprehensive in arts, technology and know how these two can be mixed. I’m also in carpentering, installing electrical wirings and in working with extrude 3D printer. I am the best at areas related to the geometry (specially spatial geometry) of gas and fluid dynamics, sculptures, applied arts, engineering graphics, three-dimensional vector modeling, mechanical resistances of structural elements.
Today at free time I’m working with electric aircraft motor project at KTU “Startup Space” and making other projects by clients requests.

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