Sci-Tech experiments

How the AEROLAB looks like at KTUPuslapių koležai1.jpg

American manufactured aerodynamics laboratory or simply wind tunnel, which was acquired by KTU while I was studying aviation engineering.
Here you can see photos and videos from my laboratory work and special works when I’ve constructed it’s attachments and aerodynamic tools designed for improvement or expand AEROLAB technical capabilities.

How “Makerspace” acoustic levitation worksStovinti banga.jpg

Members of Makerspace tried to make an experiment with standing sound waves, which theoretically could generate different layers of air pressure between each an embedded object creating lifting force. In order to create standing wave they’ve used ultrasonic transducer, which is normally used for vibratory cleaning baths to make varnish cleaning with solvents faster.
Take a look, it’s seems like a magic trick!

Shoots and explosions with a thermal reactionShoots and explosions collage

When I was a member of KTU SMD, we were showing various physical experiments to the people using liquid nitrogen and dry ice, better known as carbon dioxide in a solid state. Of course, after each event, there were a lot of unused materials left, so here you can see how we applied them.

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