I painted this painting almost year ago and gave it as a present to my dear female friend Laimute for her birthday. Continue reading Blueyd


Wintergatan – Marble machine

This is one of the most beautiful and intricate works what I have seen, Wintergatan – Marble machine. This machine should be attributed to the kinetic sculptures, some mechanics combined with art, but in this case it is not a sculpture, its a musical instrument, it is much more than a musical box.  Take a look and listen me charmed machine. Continue reading Wintergatan – Marble machine

Fools & Faults

Prejudice is that one ugly thing that I really hate to the depths of my heart. Similar awful action to it would be an ignorance. These two things separates people and makes us enemies for the rest of our days. But why am I starting article with such rotten note? I’ll explain. Continue reading Fools & Faults

How the AEROLAB looks like at KTU

This is american company AEROLAB manufactured aerodynamics laboratory or simply wind tunnel, which was acquired by KTU while I was studying aviation engineering. Continue reading How the AEROLAB looks like at KTU

How do you hypnotize an engineer?

All the engineers, attention please!

David Hunt, PE... Mechanical Engineer on the loose!

Please note, I am looking for a full-time engineering position as a:

  • Plastic Product Design / Project Engineer
  • Cost Reduction Engineer
  • New Product Introduction Engineer

About Me


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Bygone poetry: Silybum Spire

We all have memories from the past that we long forgotten. Some of them doesn’t return in any shape or form, because we disposed of triggers that lead to those memory paths. And we all have done this for the good or bad purposes. Continue reading Bygone poetry: Silybum Spire

My handmade weaving products

My mother was graduated from folk art studies, specialized in craft of weave and it’s just so happened to be that I also found interest in this craft. I started to learn how to weave since I was 3-4 years old. And here is some examples from my weaving products:

Continue reading My handmade weaving products

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