My projects and works

Here you’ll see many photos and videos from my projects and some material from behind-the-scenes. All these projects and works were created by myself or along with my colleagues. I’ve done all these works later, when I have finished high school. Over time you will see more projects and works that I create at this time.

What gift to make for informaticians?Puslapių koležai.jpg

When I was KTU SMD member I made this special gift in the name of all our student society dedicated to KTU student representation of informatics (InfoSA) when their organization were celebrating 18th anniversary.

How would case for thermometer look like?Puslapių koležai2.jpg

This is a specific request from my colleagues. I needed to draw small case that they could print it with 3D printer and put an electronic thermometer inside of it.
Thermometer can be used at anywhere you want to measure the temperature. Temperature indications transmits through a wireless connection into your mobile phone. I also draw various examples of how cases could look and to me they look more prettier and a lot like toys. They are ideal choice for children’s room or to put somewhere in the kitchen, for example on the fridge (adhering with a magnets), bath or other indoors or outdoors surroundings.

If you want to read more about it or buy some thermometers, please check in Tindie.

CNC machine: my conceptual designPuslapių koležai3.jpg

One time I’ve got a colleague request to create simple CNC milling machine design, computer model, whose images could be used as a clip at some global crowdfunding platform. At that time I already knew how to work with SolidWorks program, so I decided to draw with it and create a realistic virtual images.

My handmade weaving productsPuslapių koležai6.jpg

My mother was graduated from folk art studies, specialized in craft of weave and it’s just so happens to be that I also found interest in this craft. I started to learn how to weave since I was 3-4 years old. And here is something from my weaving products.

What could be Easter egg slide?Easter egg slide collage

This is an Easter egg slide created for an Easter party from polyethylene foam, LMDP plate, metal screws. It was drawn with SolidWorks program and it was my first attempt to analyze the movement with following virtual camera.

SolidWorks tutorial: how to draw 3D printable orb-weaver spider pendant-broochOrb-weaver spider pendant-brooch

Mrs. Mastermind just loves spiders. Paintings, sculptures or real spiders! So, because I know and I can create artistic sculptures I had an idea how to make unusual jewelry with SolidWorks program and print it with 3D printer extruder.

Educational wind power stationPuslapių koležai4.jpg

Cellar trap doorPuslapių koležai5.jpg

Autogyro KTU-1 “Jay”

Turning nursing bed

Mini loader


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