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Hi you all!

My name is Neume (aka Mrs. Mastermind). I am an artist from Lithuania working side by side with my partner SK’Avius on this portfolio blog. We are couple since September 2015 and experienced a lot through that time. At New Year’s Eve in 2016 to 2017 we decided to work together and spread a message about our ideas and works. I hope you’ll like everything that you’ll find in here and it will be informative and usefull to you!
About me

Creativity always was in me. At early age I was fascinated by various arts, specially body art and sculpture. A long with it I’ve loved to write and tell stories.
Now I’m skilled in such arts as: crochet, jewelry making (mainly from modelling clay), temporary (henna) tattoos, painting, handmade toys and postcards. I’m also working on my first book, writing articles and with the help of quill trying to motivate people to be better and to be more productive.

N’Mythos – my official brand logo of handmade jewelry and other crafts that I make.

My main mission on this blog is to change established wrong opinion about intelligent people and to show to the world that women seeks decent, gentle, smart men and that bad boys must be behind the bars and not in our hearts.

Time after time I will post articles about what it means to love an engineer, relationships between mature men and women in common, brainy tips for couples to make communication much easier and of course I’ll not forget to post art hints, healthy life quirks, other ideas once in a while, share my works with you.

Some more facts about me:

  • Personality: altruistic introvert, INFJ;
    • Skin sensors: works best at cold weather;
    • Era:
    1800’s and 1920’s;
    Art inspirer: Frida Khalos;
    • Hobbies: NATURE. Gazing at starts, growing and gathering herbs, vegetables and long walks;
    • Food: natural yoghurt, broccoli and almond;
    • Enjoying: volunteering and helping others, watching TV series, silent evenings;

    • Book that moved:As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl” by John Colapinto;
    • Cinema: The Painted Veil, Quills,
    The Fall, Ladyhawke and etc.Some of my art:
    16105575_250294235400927_6628684826922660663_n  16142253_250293705400980_7767562932472663108_n

You can reach me here:

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