N'Mythos 16x9N’Mythos – My girlfirend’s authorial brand website, where you can find and follow her handmade jewelary and other fine crafts inspired by mythology and old legends.
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ktu_horizontalus_spKaunas University of Technology (shorter in lithuanian KTU) – my alma mater, university where I graduated from with aviation engineering bachelor degree.
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smd_logo3.jpgKTU Student Scientific Society (shorter in lithuanian KTU SMD) – Students volunteers organization creating projects and popularizing science and technology. I was a member in it for four years while I was studying.
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logo-technorama.jpgKTU “Technorama” – exhibition and competition of technological projects which is organized by KTU. I participated in this exhibition with autogyro project and I have intentions to participate in it with more or my created projects.
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“Night of researchers” (European “Night of researchers”) – an exclusive event where many of European scientific and research laboratories opens the door for everyone who wants to know more and scientists represents projects, inventions for the wide public. It’s a great opportunity to take a glance at things that usually hides behind the closed doors. KTU “Night of researchers” event is organized by KTU SMD.When I became a member of student society – Night of researches was my first event in which organization I’ve contributed.

Robotų intelektas.jpg“Robots intellect” – First autonomous robot competition in the Baltic countries organized by KTU SMD. I have also contributed in it. Later this event has become the most mentioned event of KTU in the media.
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startup_space1KTU “Startup Space” – First academic youth entrepreneurship centre in Lithuania dedicated to young entrepreneurs, hustlers, hackers, designers and anybody who creates stuff to change the world in better. I joined it, later started to work with “Alovita” as project manager and still I’m working there since with aviation electric motor project.


“Makerspace”workshop – This is an open workshop for those who wants to know, to discover, to invent, to share and to realize themselves. It’s a good place where leisure meet various constructors, creators and can make something interesting. I’ve been acquainted with this organization when they first moved to KTU and settled together with KTU SMD. Sometimes we are participating in events together and is interesting to see what their members are creating.
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