Earlier times creations

Here you’ll see many photos and videos from my projects and some material from behind-the-scenes. All these projects and works were created by myself or along with my colleagues. I’ve done these works in the past, when I was still a teenager. Over the time you will see all my projects and works.

DIY step by step: how to make terrain for castle model

Pilies maketas.jpg

When I was about 14-15 years old, I’ve had an idea to make castle model for German lesson because at that time we were learning about the Middle Ages and castles. I tried to make everything from cheaper materials and what I had in hands. I’ve created an architectural plan and I applied details to the castle that were typical in those times. I drew and glued castle model using paper which turned out to be not so perfect. Terrain was made by using technology that my art teacher showed me while we once were making sham cannon of 19 century and I needed to create a rough surface.

Scale model ideas: aircraft “Lituanica”


This is an aircraft scale model I’ve had created for my cousin for her birthday present when I was about 11-12 years old. Made from paper and glued with simple craft glue my first aircraft “Lithuanica” model was crooked, very poor quality. And because I am perfectionist to the core, not much later when I was 14-15 years old I decided to make a new version of my “Lithuanica” scale model. I just couldn’t leave this vision in my head since I have never saw such technology anywhere else. This aircraft scale model glued with wooden sticks, 2-4 times thinner than matches, but all the parts are under a scale. And I didn’t cover it all, because in this way all the naked beauty of frame would not be visible.

DIY step by step: how to make wooden falcon


Once upon a time, my uncle gave me a lot of unused tape from wooden boards. I was able to cut them with knife or scissors and carve them easily, also to smeared with sandpaper. I was looking for the opportunity where I could use my passion for solving puzzles, sticking things together. When I was finally able to make very delicate fish scales, roof tiles or bird feathers for the first time.

Kinetic sculpture “Mechanarium”


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