Colleagues projects and works

Here you’ll see many photos and videos from my projects and some material from behind-the-scenes. All these projects and works were created by  my colleagues. Over the time you will see all my projects and works.

“Makerspace” electric crazy cart

'MakerSpace' kartas.jpg

This project of an impressive electric car was created by my “Makerspace” collegues. Knowing all the cars driving capabilities, it’s quite cheap to do. This cars construction welded from square tube, which rests on four small caster wheels and is driven and steered by one large wheel, which drives the electric motor with gear reducer. Over time constructors has tested it with different electric motors, gear reducers and batteries. Car can ride perfectly and for a long time period with LiPo and with the lead batteries. Later it was mounted with LED lights that looks great in the dark.
Crazy car accelerates and makes turns the same way as inventors call it – really crazy!

KTU SMD electric kart

KTU SMD kartas.jpg

This is electric kart project made by my KTU SMD collegues. Kart construction was made according to in the old magazine drawings of kart, which were intended to ride with an internal combustion engine. The design has also welded from square tubes and the wheels are simple and used in farm works. However colleagues installed in it about 6 kW electric BLDC motor, powered by lead batteries. To ensure cost efficiency it was adapted with scooter transmission with variator. Of course, maybe it’s not the fastest car, but I liked it because it is very fun kart and with affordable price.

Stereolithography 3D printer


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