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Desert sun

Painted 8 years ago.  This painting was inspired by America song “A Horse With No Name”. Continue reading Desert sun


By the sea, by the tree…

Now these two paintings that I’ve painted three years ago belongs to my former classmate Vilma. She wanted something blue and something orange, some sea view with standing man’s figure and some tree. Continue reading By the sea, by the tree…

King’s vanity

I’ve painted it in 2011, April 29. It’s a day when Kate Middleton and Prince William got married. I just wanted to show my strong contradiction to the royal family. I don’t support it in any way. Continue reading King’s vanity

Unique handmade jewelry by N’Mythos

n'mythos logoI have created new unique jewelry from polymer clay. All jewelry pieces have their own history based on ancient mythology. Please, take a look at them, appreciate it and if you’ll see something you like you can buy here via paypal. Continue reading Unique handmade jewelry by N’Mythos

Dark reflections of life

This painting represents very dark period in my life. I painted it when I had stomach problems and I was very sick. So, yes, my emotional condition contributed to this work the most.
Actually, “Dark reflections of life” is more poster then a painting. Continue reading Dark reflections of life

Art lesson #1: How to make simple modelling clay column

Spring is coming! And recently I remembered about all those piles of Fimo modelling clay that were waiting for my touch. I decided to make something from it and I want to share an idea with you Continue reading Art lesson #1: How to make simple modelling clay column