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My top 9 favorite free iPhone apps

I want to share with you some of my favorite apps!
They all are free and you can easily download them on your devices. I’m not a mad app fan, I’m not downloading every app I see, but these I am using regularly. Continue reading My top 9 favorite free iPhone apps


Becoming a masterpiece

Obsess me with your stoicism,
With a little bit of mysticism, Continue reading Becoming a masterpiece

DIY step by step: how to make wooden falcon

Once upon a time, my uncle gave me a lot of unused tape from wooden boards. I was able to cut them with knife or scissors and carve them easily, also to smeared with sandpaper. I was looking for the opportunity where I could use my passion for solving puzzles, sticking things together. When I was finally able to make very delicate fish scales, roof tiles or bird feathers for the first time. Continue reading DIY step by step: how to make wooden falcon

Unique handmade jewelry by N’Mythos

n'mythos logoI have created new unique jewelry from polymer clay. All jewelry pieces have their own history based on ancient mythology. Please, take a look at them, appreciate it and if you’ll see something you like you can buy here via paypal. Continue reading Unique handmade jewelry by N’Mythos

How would case for thermometer look like? (part.1)

This is a specific request from my colleagues. I needed to draw small case that they could print it with 3D printer and put an electronic thermometer inside of it. Continue reading How would case for thermometer look like? (part.1)

Dark reflections of life

This painting represents very dark period in my life. I painted it when I had stomach problems and I was very sick. So, yes, my emotional condition contributed to this work the most.
Actually, “Dark reflections of life” is more poster then a painting. Continue reading Dark reflections of life

Castle model (part.2)

Here I finally glued the island and I have previously made the castle layout exactly where the border coincides with the structures beneath the water. I also made the gate and glued moveable bridge parts. Continue reading Castle model (part.2)