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“Makerspace” acoustic levitation

Members of “Makerspace” tried to make an experiment with standing sound waves, which theoretically could generate different layers of air pressure. Continue reading “Makerspace” acoustic levitation


How would case for thermometer look like? (part.1)

This is a specific request from my colleagues. I needed to draw small case that they could print it with 3D printer and put an electronic thermometer inside of it. Continue reading How would case for thermometer look like? (part.1)

Easter egg slide

Project: Easter egg slide;

Purpose: It’s an Easter egg slide created for an Easter party; Continue reading Easter egg slide


This is american company AEROLAB manufactured aerodynamics laboratory or simply wind tunnel, which was acquired by KTU while I was studying aviation engineering. Continue reading AEROLAB at KTU

How do you hypnotize an engineer?

All the engineers, attention please!

David Hunt, PE... Mechanical Engineer on the loose!

Please note, I am looking for a full-time engineering position as a:

  • Plastic Product Design / Project Engineer
  • Cost Reduction Engineer
  • New Product Introduction Engineer

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