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Grandpa’s treat

Just need to share this with you, our dear readers! I found this video on Wonderful Engineering. I wonder how my grandparents would react in such situation…
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From Skyrim with love…

Growing up with a brother have taught me one thing – video games is actually very cool! Continue reading From Skyrim with love…

R. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Be sure not to be fooled while fooling others! 🙂 Continue reading R. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Fools & Faults

Prejudice is that one ugly thing that I really hate to the depths of my heart. Similar awful action to it would be an ignorance. These two things separates people and makes us enemies for the rest of our days. But why am I starting article with such rotten note? I’ll explain. Continue reading Fools & Faults

“MakerSpace” electric crazy cart (part.1)

This project is an impressive electric car created by my dear “MakerSpace” collegues. Knowing all the cars driving capabilities, it’s quite cheap to do. Continue reading “MakerSpace” electric crazy cart (part.1)