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DIY step by step: how to make wooden falcon

Once upon a time, my uncle gave me a lot of unused tape from wooden boards. I was able to cut them with knife or scissors and carve them easily, also to smeared with sandpaper. I was looking for the opportunity where I could use my passion for solving puzzles, sticking things together. When I was finally able to make very delicate fish scales, roof tiles or bird feathers for the first time. Continue reading DIY step by step: how to make wooden falcon


CNC machine: Conceptual design (part.1)

Some time before I’ve got a colleague request to create simple CNC milling machine design, so that computer model and it’s images could be used as a short movie clip at some global crowdfunding platform. Continue reading CNC machine: Conceptual design (part.1)

Castle model (part.1)

When I was about 14-15 years old, I’ve had an idea how to make castle model for German lesson because at that time we were learning about the Middle Ages and castles.
I tried to make everything from cheaper materials or what I had in hands. Continue reading Castle model (part.1)

Easter egg slide

Project: Easter egg slide;

Purpose: It’s an Easter egg slide created for an Easter party; Continue reading Easter egg slide

Art lesson #1: How to make simple modelling clay column

Spring is coming! And recently I remembered about all those piles of Fimo modelling clay that were waiting for my touch. I decided to make something from it and I want to share an idea with you Continue reading Art lesson #1: How to make simple modelling clay column

“MakerSpace” electric crazy cart (part.1)

This project is an impressive electric car created by my dear “MakerSpace” collegues. Knowing all the cars driving capabilities, it’s quite cheap to do. Continue reading “MakerSpace” electric crazy cart (part.1)