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Artist, sapiosexual, altruist and nature child. I was sent to the Earth to change an opinion about all smart people! Yes, you engineers are in the first row! You can find me here -

The engineers from Alien

Spoilers alert! If you haven’t seen Prometheus, Alien: Covenant or any other series of Alien movies and you awfully dislike spoilers, please make yourself a cup of hot tea and read other SK’Avius portfolio blog’s posts. Cheers!
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SK’Avius on radio!

With dear friend Ziedune Duobaite at radio station.

Desert sun

Painted 8 years ago.  This painting was inspired by America song “A Horse With No Name”. Continue reading Desert sun

Grandpa’s treat

Just need to share this with you, our dear readers! I found this video on Wonderful Engineering. I wonder how my grandparents would react in such situation…
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By the sea, by the tree…

Now these two paintings that I’ve painted three years ago belongs to my former classmate Vilma. She wanted something blue and something orange, some sea view with standing man’s figure and some tree. Continue reading By the sea, by the tree…

King’s vanity

I’ve painted it in 2011, April 29. It’s a day when Kate Middleton and Prince William got married. I just wanted to show my strong contradiction to the royal family. I don’t support it in any way. Continue reading King’s vanity

SK’Avius recommends: Awesome new app by Cometdocs!

Once upon a time, I wanted to write a book. I wrote a lot, about 93 pages of it and I said to myself: maybe I should try to send it to the publishers? You know, just a small test drive. Why not? Who would get harmed? So I converted it to PDF file Continue reading SK’Avius recommends: Awesome new app by Cometdocs!