The engineers from Alien

Spoilers alert! If you haven’t seen Prometheus, Alien: Covenant or any other series of Alien movies and you awfully dislike spoilers, please make yourself a cup of hot tea and read other SK’Avius portfolio blog’s posts. Cheers!

Since the Alien has started its evolution from 1979 until now there were six movies made about this creepy creatures called xenomorphs. (I don’t count the Alien vs. Predator (2004) movie basically because it’s not a movie. Even Ridley Scott thinks so). I have seen them all.

First movie – Alien (1979) – was something so intriguing that I couldn’t take my eyes of the TV. I saw it way much later then it was released, I think I was… Maybe… 12 years old. Or maybe even younger. I know, that to some it’s sounds shocking. “How can parents let such young person look at such horrible pictures?” you may say, but… there were different times, different people and different upbringing. I love to hear how the actor Danny McBride (Prometheus) talks about his love to Alien movies and how it was to be cast in one:

Also, I just need to mention the first ever strong female character that I saw in Alien movie – Ripley (actress: Sigourney Weaver). There was no lady like she. I was stunt by her performance. She was so confident and strong! As a child I never wanted to be a Disney princess, I wanted to be someone like Ripley! Fight with the alien monsters and fly to the other planets. So, needless to say, Alien movie was a big fantasy fuel to my brain, it gave me a lot of courage and trust in myself. Oh, and I have painted this when I was younger:

Ateivio gimimas
My interpretation – the birth of an alien in more humane form.

Aliens (1986) – Now that’s serious stuff. In the first part, there was only one alien. Well, there were many eggs, yet only one of them gets the chance to reach the other spaceship team members, but in this movie… You know what? Sadly, I think everything would be like in the Aliens. People are stupid enough to colonize the planet where lives all sorts of monster, because… someone will surely found the way how to make money out of it. My favorite Ripley’s quote sums ups everything:

: You know, Burke, I don’t know which species is worse. You don’t see them fuc**** each other over for a goddamn percentage.

I also loved the alien’s queen. (However, I imagined that she lays eggs in another way,  but don’t know why…). I liked Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton performances too. It just… Private Vasquez character was over the top to me. I believe that there are women like that, for sure, no doubt, still… I think that Rambo is way too much hard to get and cool either, and the private Vasquez was female Rambo. (They both even had the headbands).

It just another proof that cool looks and mighty posture don’t save you from well-adapted creatures.

Alien 3 (1992) – prison. Somehow… it’s a bit boring. I watched it, but from all the alien movies it’s the one that I can’t remember well. I mean, I remember what has happened in it, but if I would need to retell the whole plot for you… in the right order what happens… there is a lot of the loopholes in my brain while I’m talking about the Alien 3. I think it’s because of the woeful atmosphere of the prison portrayed in the movie. It’s still the significant part of the story, yet… That’s all I need to say about it.

P.S. And in my opinion, it should be ended otherwise.

Alien: Resurrection (1997) – clone era. At first, I didn’t really strive to see this movie. Ripley died in Alien 3, so how can she continue her life? There is some stupid explanation about it, right? That’s what I thought at first. I watched it and it was way more interesting to me than the 3rd part, I need to say. I liked Michael Wincott in it. He is one of those rare actors who shows up for few minutes but leaves the impression of very important detail to the movie. And what voice he has! And probably I am the only one from the fans who liked the human-like alien:

It has something breathtaking. To me, the word “alien” really belongs to the creature that looks like this alien + human DNR thing.

The Engineers

Ok. Lets back to the main point of this article. The Engineers. They have introduced in comics years ago, but for the first time in the cinema, you can take a glance at them in the movie Prometheus (2012). As Ridley Scott described himself, he wanted to explain more how everything started, for him, story of xenomorphs wasn’t finished yet, the alien deserved to have revealed roots. And we find out not only about alien’s roots, but ours too. Personally, I am satisfied with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. YES, I know, many blame these two movies for the big plot holes, unrevealed details, and claims that sequels only gives more questions than answers. Well, for all of those I need to say:

• there will gonna be two more movies, so why would Ridley Scott want to unveil all the secrets and answer all the questions now?
• stop making your own assumptions, I have no doubt that there is no need for all those videos in Youtube with you folks talking about “What all that means” and “Everything is explained/confusing”, cause at this point we know something, but not all the things about aliens. And many more facts Ridley Scott has revealed himself, just watch all of his interviews please;
• better watch videos how the movies were made. So much people were working on it, and so many time, money, efforts, dreams, and hopes were put in it. It’s just amazing to see how spaceship, nature, creatures were built. It makes me say “Wooooooow!” in the most respectful way. Ridley is a master!

However, what I don’t really like is:
• the all cut scenes. I saw them on DVD bonus section. Ahrrr! The fight with engineer needs to be that one, the longer version! (Even it is hurtful to see him chopped with the ax). And how they are making Walter…
• They should be wearing protective suits or some sort of scafanders in the “Alien: Covenant” movie. I am wearing more clothes when I go to the forest and in the movie, they are walking on just discovered planet! So what that it has oxygen? It is also entirely unexplored! Or maybe it’s another way of showing how people are mostly stupid in big decisions (or in this case Oram’s commands (actor Billy Crudup), because he becomes new captain and no one seems to listen to him)?

Most of the speculations go about the engineers. (I wish much more would be said and written about the real engineers, those who live on the planet Earth among us!)
Engineers from Alien was described as “our gods”, “they have created the xenomorphs, they are this and that. In the matter of fact what we really know about the engineers is what Ridley Scott has told us himself (and some things can be not entirely true). Yes, the movie shows a lot, but as I noticed people like to interpret everything how they like.

Shortly what we REALLY know about the engineer:

Actor: Ian Whyte (with “Pressure-Suit”);
Skin color: pasty-pale;
Race: humanoid;
DNR: very similar to ours;
Height: Ian’s height is just over 7 feet tall (2.16 meters), but in the movie, engineer is 9+ feet (2.74 meters) tall;
Weight (in the movie): 350+ lb (158+ kg);
Engineer was made by Elvis + Michelangelo’s David + Statue of Liberty image;
with: the creation of mankind (high skills in Genetic Engineering) + they have very advanced technology;
Body complexion: muscular, strong;
Hostile: on sight.

You know what I really would love to know about the engineers and future Alien movies?

• Will we see some cool female engineers and children (’cause I think they really must be)?
• How did female engineers giving birth?
• Is there any rituals in their culture (like weddings, funerals and etc.)
• What they are eating?
• Why engineer’s doesn’t have nipples?

• Will we see some better way of fighting with xenomorphs? Maybe the creatures have better kryptonite then just some flameguns?
• Will we see engineer’s weapons? (Guns, bombs and etc.)
• Will they get along with human race finally?
• The engineers have created us, what has created them???

What do you think of all the Alien movies? Have something to add? Please, feel free to write in comments, I will be glad to read it.

So for now…
Be good and good luck!


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