By the sea, by the tree…

Now these two paintings that I’ve painted three years ago belongs to my former classmate Vilma. She wanted something blue and something orange, some sea view with standing man’s figure and some tree.
I’ve painted surrealistic sea view with clear black silhouette of man standing half in the sea and the sea waves looks like shells, sea stars, bubbles and etc. The sunset is bright, eye-catching, unreal, rising from the big shell.

“The Sea View”

Juros vaizdas
The other painting is an autumn tree. This one is my favorite yet, I really put my soul in it, but just maybe because I really love to paint trees and I paint them like my children.
This tree is something, it has so many on it, it’s like grown up’s life. I suggest you to look at it like you would look to a person. Twisted, with thorns, with almost all leaves on the ground. The dark blue autumn clouds are weighting it, but still sun is burning bright.

“The Autumn Tree”

Rudens medis
On paper,
Size of both paintings – A3 (29,7×42 cm or 11,7×16,5 inch),
Painted with various color gel pens and gouache,
Work duration: 3 days,
Date: October 3, 2014,

So for now,
Be good and good luck!


11 thoughts on “By the sea, by the tree…”

  1. To be honest, i really like the other photo which you did it from all heart. Loved it too much. Thats the true art. Thanks for sharing something about nature. The depiction of natural figures exists in the photo.

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