King’s vanity

I’ve painted it in 2011, April 29. It’s a day when Kate Middleton and Prince William got married. I just wanted to show my strong contradiction to the royal family. I don’t support it in any way.
The word “royal” nowadays isn’t necessary to my opinion. I know that devoted Englishmen or residents of other countries where monarchy still lives will try to negotiate me and convince me in need of a royal family, but I will not change my opinion.
Mostly used arguments: tourism revenue, they are making a lot of money on charities, from souvenirs and etc. Maybe they are making some profit (but they spent it too, don’t forget it), yet celebrities, for example, the movie star like Angelina Jolie does all those things too. STILL, I don’t support them not for all of these reasons mostly based on financial arguments.

From all ages until now, the Royals were spoiled, greedy, revengeful, promiscuous (there was even incest in some royal family lines). No smart, genius leaders of people were democratically chosen to be princes and kings, no, they were always crowned by birth, so no special education or skills needed. And there were plots, treasons, murders, chopped heads and the list of misunderstandings goes on and on…
You may say these nasty things are in the past. Does it really? And how about princess Diana? How about naked Harry in the Las Vegas hotel room? I don’t understand this, why we need something so rotten-in-side from the darkest ages brought in nowadays, in the 21th century. We need to be more advanced, more superior than this old nonsense. They are neanderthals, we are homo sapiens. Then let’s act like smart human beings, shall we?

“King’s Vanity” represents everything I see in royalty: a lot of glitters, fancy clothes, but no true meaning and purpose. Very good article about this subject is written on Stef’s Cave blog. I recommend you to read it.

In the painting: the king is with horns – they represent evil. And the king is leaning a bit towards the left side (left side also was considerate an evil side in The Middle Ages). His face painted clown alike. In his hands, you can see a green globe with spikes. It is Earth – stabbed and divided in its greedy small black hands…


So, for now…
Be good and good luck!


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