SK’Avius recommends: Awesome new app by Cometdocs!

Once upon a time, I wanted to write a book. I wrote a lot, about 93 pages of it and I said to myself: maybe I should try to send it to the publishers? You know, just a small test drive. Why not? Who would get harmed? So I converted it to PDF file and because I was very busy at that moment… I forgot about the intention.
After some time I decided to get back to it, but I came across a very serious problem, I accidentally deleted the original word document and there was only PDF file left, so no chance of editing it anymore!

I heard even more creepy stories like that. And what option is left for such unfortunate people? To write everything down again?! No! Let those crazy thoughts go away! There is a perfect solution for this problem!

Smart people from Inc. have created PDF to Word Converter.

Short app description: it’s the first-rate PDF to Word converter on the market. Easily and quickly converts PDFs from anywhere on your device. You can even convert PDF to Word from Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Box and OneDrive, into editable Microsoft Word documents. It is very easy to use also.

You can download PDF to Word Converter from Google Play and iTunes Store.

Tested. Works. No pages will be rewritten again with this app. So my fingers are saved from long hard work!

So for now,
Be good and good luck!


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