My top 9 favorite free iPhone apps

I want to share with you some of my favorite apps!
They all are free and you can easily download them on your devices. I’m not a mad app fan, I’m not downloading every app I see, but these I am using regularly.

1. Wunderlist – my absolute to-do list! It’s super easy to use. Recommended by wonderful chartered engineer, time management skills and project management trainer, one and only – Chris Croft. Wunderlist fully meets its name. It’s the best app to plan and do everything with it! wunderlist

Download Wunderlist here.

2. Duolingo – for those who wants to learn foreign language easy and quick. I’m learning Italian with this app. Accordingly to Duolingo I know 12% Italian. It definitely helps to remember words, explains grammar and etc. At this moment there are 29 languages that you can learn.


Download Duolingo here.

3. Wordbrain 2 – find word game for those who want to feel smart and it also helps to learn English. Yes, I am a bit stuck in it, since English is not my native language, but I love it!

Download Wordbrain 2 here.

4. Shazam – you hear the song all the time, but you never manage to find out what artist plays it? Friends, mom or aunt don’t know it either? Then you really need to download this app. Turn it on while music is playing and after few moments you will know the author!


Download Shazam here.

5. Sheldon whip – for those who don’t know what that is and aren’t a big fans of The Big Bang Theory TV show, take a look an eye on this 2 min and 38 s long video:

Well, actually this app is SK’Avius’ favorite and I think… he has some similarities with Sheldon. Just some. Little bitty small tiny resemblances. He admits it too.

Download Shedon wipe here.

6. Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows – Hidden City! To some it’s not the best game in the world, but to me it’s interesting, because I like to search for things. There is also mini crystal game (match three crystals), the card game where you need to open two same cards at one time and expedition game similar to Minesweeper. That game is the only one imperfection (thanks to Curt Johnson). I never knew how to play it. Well, sort of. But I’ll give a hint for you – some engineers do know how to play it very well! SK’Avius really helps me with it. He can play it with closed yes!

Expedition game. SK’Avius, help me!
So true.

If you want to join me (you can add people as your friends, sent them or request collection gifts from them and also chat with them), my nickname in the game is Mrs.Mastermind (level 61 at this moment). I will gladly agree with your invitation. SK’Avius also is in the game, but because of the lack of time he rarely plays it.

PS. You can play it on PC too.


Download Hidden City here.

7. – this app will help you to never get lost again. It was a real treasure when I found it, because I like to get lost. What I like the most about it – app is working without WiFi and is very detailed. You can download any map for free and it gets updated automatically!

Download here.

8. CamScanner – I can’t even remember how many times I’ve needed to photograph something with my phone and the quality of it was very poor. I’m talking mostly about something written on the board, some page of newspaper or some documents. So frustrating! But then I found CamScanner my sufferings was over.

Download CamScanner here.

9. WordPress – of course. Last but not least. I’m writing new posts on PC, but when I communicate with other bloggers and specially at late time I am using WordPress app. It’s basically the same as on PC. Yet not all functions are there, but maybe in the future there will be. Still, WordPress app really helps to navigate your blog when you don’t have computer near you. Try it!

Download WordPress here.

What apps do you like? Maybe there is some more great apps that I need to know about? Comment it below, I want to hear about them!

So for now,
Be good and good luck!


7 thoughts on “My top 9 favorite free iPhone apps”

  1. Wow what a useful post of the day.!!! It is amazing and nicely put. I got benefited from this a lot. Believe me, i wanna go for downloading some apps as long as i am using iphone. Although three apps were unfamiliar to me. But i will go for it. Thanks for sharing. It helps a lot.

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