Shots with a thermal reaction

Shots and explosions with a thermal reaction

When I was a member of KTU SMD, we were showing various physical experiments to the people using liquid nitrogen and dry ice, better known as carbon dioxide in a solid state. Of course, after each event, there were a lot of unused materials left, so here you can see how we applied them.
Nitrogen concludes for as much as 79% of our Earth’s atmosphere, but to make it liquid, you need to compress or cool it to -196 ° C (-321 ° F). The temperature of the material is a thermodynamic state, the size of which is proportional to its available heat energy if the heat is deducted from the nitrogen, it’s temperature will be lower.

However, if such a nitrogen is in the vicinity of another material with high thermal energy and with higher temperature, then it will quickly take away that missing thermal energy from it. According to another physics law, gas increases as the temperature rises and creates a high pressure, mechanical energy.
If these gases would be closed in some enclosed chamber, the chamber would break off, because there would be no high pressure. An alternative to liquid nitrogen can be dry ice (Carbon dioxide). Our earth’s atmosphere contains only 0.04% of it. It is made in granules of 16 mm (0.6 in.) diameter with a temperature lower than -57 ° C (-71 ° F), but the amount of shot created by it is sufficiently large.

We were using plastics bottles, they do not explode into little small dangerous fragments. Also, liquid nitrogen and dry ice are perfectly suited because the shots do not need to burn anything, and after the shot, there is no environmentally harmful materials, only the PET plastic that we take. Such method brings better and louder impression, like New Year’s bangers but twice as cooler.

Pay attention! These experiments were performed by students of the University of Technology. They are trained how to treat very cold substances, so don’t repeat it at home and on your own!

Another interesting physical experiment performed with the members of the KTU SMD is so called “Little cloud”. This is the reaction between liquid nitrogen and hot water. This experiment is performed normally, without any enclosed chambers, simple, liquid nitrogen is quickly poured into a bowl with hot water. Then nitrogen absorbs a large amount of thermal energy, heats itself and turns into gas, it looks like a white cloud. And since the thermal reaction takes place very quickly, from the side it looks like an explosion, but it is also safe, without any fragments or environmentally harmful substances.

Maybe you have any suggestions, tips, new ideas on how to use thermal reaction and mechanical energy with liquid nitrogen or dry ice? I would be very interested in taking an eye on similar experiments!

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