makeSEA 3D printed electric motors

Three years ago, when I just started to work in the company “Alovita” I saw 3D printer for the first time. I also saw the possibilities of producing 3D printed parts, their designs, and all the other features.

At that moment I was constructing BLDC engine. I made it from wooden sticks and plywood. But when I saw 3D printer I instantly come up with the idea of how to make better and more convenient engine’s construction with 3D printed parts.
I was wondering how many details could be made and used in serial production and then I have had some doubts about those parts. Will they be strong enough and heat resistant? Is it worth to make whole engine’s frame with the 3D printer?

In makeSEA characteristics could be seen not a very big power-mass ratio, however, the fact is that you can’t make such beautiful and easily assembled parts from wood or metal.
This result of human work has dispelled my doubts, so I invite you to look at these pieces of art. Good job, Christoph Laimer!

This is the good decision of how to make easily removable magnets. While I was designing my engine I came across the same problem of how to make a rotor that would hold on to two bearings but at the end, I could be able to screw stator to something.


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