skyrim joke

From Skyrim with love…

Growing up with a brother have taught me one thing – video games is actually very cool!skyrim joke

I know that many people blame video games mainly for bringing up the violence cult especially to the young audience. I agree, there is many cruel, sexistic, unrealistic pieces of garbage, but there is also many games created to teach us, to take us to the impressive fantasy worlds which we could not even imagine ourselfs. And one game taught me English language like no book or teacher did ever did. And it still does since 2002…

But it’s not only me, who felt in love with such an amazing game. Skyrim probably is the best described by Mack Veltman in his article Skyrim: The Art of Creative Storytelling. Also it appears in Five Video Games to Play For Writing Inspiration by and Where do ideas come from? article. So Skyrim is good not only for learning something, but for finding inspiration too. Oh, and I just need to mention grandma Shirley (Shirley Curry) – an 80 year old grandmother and gamer (more about her here: This 80 Year Old “Skyrim Grandma” Is what We All Aspire to Be When We Are Older). And you must read Love at first Sight: How Skyrim Changed My Life by . I love it! You see, everyone plays Skyrim!

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (the third part of Elder Scroll series, Skyrim is the fifth) was the second game that I have played in my life. My first game was Carnivores: Ice Age, 2001, but I’ve never managed to kill saber-toothed cat and I started to have dreams about hunting dinosaurs and being eaten by them so I needed something more… peaceful.

So, I’ve played Morrowind and I was so excited by it! I just felt in love with alchemy too! And I was determined to reach bastard Dagoth Ur!

But, oh, I can’t even describe the feeling when I was able to play Skyrim. Of course, Oblivion was nice too, I loved to go through the gates and kill daedra, but Skyrim… Nailed it!
And for the such amazing work of masters from Bethesda Game Studies I have created and dedicated these three jewelry items:

My works on the left side and from the world of Skyrim – on the right side:

Amulet of the Gorgoyle:
Aofg IMG_7620

Crescent Moon Crest:

cmc IMG_7621

Soul Husk:
sh IMG_7807

Of course, I am just a shameful amateur comparing with these cool girls – 10 Skyrim Cosplayers You Have (Probably) Never Heard Of. But we all need to start from somewhere, right?

There is something more I want to share with you, dear readers…. I found these from Skyrim confessions page on Tumblr very relative to me. There is my Top 10:

1. Yep, using magic is like playing with fire… literally.
2. M’aiq the Liar always has what to say.
3. In Skyrim and particularly in…
4. …this place.
5. For the stormcloaks!
6. Skyrim is definitely the game for the nature childs.
7. I wonder too…
8. …and plus death hounds will hunt you in your dreams like the rottweiler-hellhound from The Omen.
9. I will tell to anyone this fact ’till I die: “”Vilkas” [Farkas’ brother] means “wolf” in Lithuanian.” It’s awesome that there is some lithuanian “roots” in the game :p
Ha ha, yes!

Proud geek, proud Dragonborn!

So for now…
Be good and good luck!


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