castle model forest general view

Terrain for castle model (part.2)

Here I finally glued the island and I have previously made the castle layout exactly where the border coincides with the structures beneath the water. I also made the gate and glued moveable bridge parts. Here you can see the castle layout more closely. You can see it’s outer parts. It looks exactly as I have expected to look: the water is blue, surface gloss has distinguished between opaque land and water surface. It’s great to see the castle reflection and at the same time to be able to see underwater foundation, bottom bumping. Roads are marked – greased with glue, sprinkled with sand and dried out. Glue has dried up and become transparent, so you can see the relief of the beaten tracks.

While I was wondering about the architectural castle plan I decided to look for the inspiration in the Middle ages era, since all the hints were laying in the historical books.
I’ve drawn and glued the entire castle model out of paper. At that moment I didn’t have so much experience in producing detailed and accurate scale models.
This castle was made from too thin paper, which later caused the problem with the roofs so they became slightly concave. Later I upgraded it with thicker paper.
According to the last plan, I expected to find glass for the water to be thinner than 1 mm (0,04 in) and 2 mm (0,08 in) (thinner then mug of glass). But with this glass it appeared distinctly visible gap between the terrestrial and submarine terrain. In one corner tower looked very large with big input for boat to access. I raised bridges and glued them with very thin wood strips, which are cut up to make it appear as separate boards. Chains made with metal rings would be too small, so instead I just used simple black thread. A moveable gates glued together from the same wooden strips, but they were cut more narrowly. Hard illuminated layout is dropping shadow under the trees, although there is not huge amount of them, but looking from underneath them it appears like real dark forest.

Here you can see the layout of the castle closer. Take an eye on it’s interior. As I mentioned earlier, I came up with the idea of the architectural plan of the castle by absorbing the wisdom from the dark era itself.
Castle courtyard subdivided with bridges that can be quickly lifted or could be used in fast ran from one wall to the other side of the castle wall or cells.
My the most successful detail in the whole castle is the stairs. They are not small, looks like perfect size. Stairs are ready for descend and ascend from different points to avoid the need to scour around the wall.
Larger passages are portrayed into arch form, the stones are placed there, because in the Middle Ages reinforced concrete were not been invented and used yet. Where it’s possible, I tried to make a lot of places in the walls for the guards to escape if the battle becomes more fierce or the lost of the battle is inevitable. The two gates and stables are made and glued with the same wooden strips. To me the castle doesn’t look boring. I tried to avoid that as much as possible, so I made more types of staircases, towers and other constructions.

This is how the overall picture looks like – a model of the castle and it’s land relief from the all sides. I tried to make the castle hard to occupy, difficult to overcome. I hope I left this impression of it for you too.

Please rate, comment and feel free to ask any questions, suggestions, tips, ideas on how to use this art technique with papier mache. Feel free to share this post and I would be very interested to be linked to others who make similar art.


One thought on “Terrain for castle model (part.2)”

  1. Loved the design of that castle, If I need home like this design how you guess that’s gonna cost me. I am connected to this old design a lot. I would tell you again you are such a clever person. 🙂🙂🙂🙂, keep it up the great work✌️


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