cnc machine solidworks 3d model isometric view

CNC machine: my conceptual design (part.1)

Some time before I’ve got a colleague request to create simple CNC milling machine design, so that computer model and it’s images could be used as a short movie clip at some global crowdfunding platform. At that time I’ve already learned how to work with SolidWorks program, so I decided to draw with it and create a realistic virtual images.
Of course, the construction of this model is not full and so happens to be that loom’s quality wasn’t perfect, because my colleague wanted me to draw the one model that would be cheap to make. An example are this DIY CNC machine.

I counted that the frame of such looms with all bearings would cost approximately 161 USD (145€). But the low price brings the main problem because details needs to be done with hands and it takes a lot of precious time.

Model has many round holes. I did that on purpose so that later I could do the rest of the job with drill and special head attached to it, made specially to drill big holes and for the pieces to weight less. This will gonna compensate the speed of looms.

The other problem – too many of used 4 mm (0,16 in) cheap plywood that is not hard enough and with low elasticity module. That’s bad because using 2-3 kg (4,4-6,6 lb) weight cutting motor frame would bent too much. So I decided to mount aluminum profiles on top of the frame corners. They have way much higher module of elasticity.
Another advantage is that I used those same profiles as tracks for bearings with grooves.



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