easter egg slide

What could be Easter egg slide?

Project: Easter egg slide;

Purpose: It’s an Easter egg slide created for an Easter party;

Idea: As always I wanted to create something unusual and never seen before. I’ve made it long, with twist and look like a roller coaster;

Construction: Soft, very flexible and cheap tube – a great choice for the production of such size and nature of an object. It’s important to note that I have used small diameter tubes around 16 mm (0,62 in), but it had to be larger to fit in the egg. The slide is attached to a wooden structure made from LMDP plate;

Length: 4 meters (13 ft);

Materials: polyethylene foam, LMDP plate, metal screws;

Problem: I wasn’t sure if polyethylene tube will bend correctly and I’ve purchased 2 m (6,5 ft) tube at first. I cut it lengthwise and glued together with hot glue. Also it was very difficult to bend the larger diameter tube in order to make smaller radius so it doesn’t looked so extreme as I would love to.
There were no chance to make death loop, unless I would found the way how to heat or chemically processed the pipe so it would be possible to bend to the lower beam.
Whereas the simplest way would be to cut slots crosswise and bend in small radius, but it would be a long work and big harm to quality;

Cost: cheap;

Link: Previously, these same tubes were used in my another project – costume for “Robot intelligence” competition;

Tradition: It’s an old Lithuanian tradition. Egg slides in reality are made much smaller. It’s always a great joy for the kids (and adults) to play on Easter Sunday;


View: There is my an Easter egg slide 3D model. It was drawn with Solidworks program and it was my first attempt to analyze the movement with following virtual camera;


Job is done: The slide has been tested with a metal ball, later with some real eggs. Tested real eggs were rolling very well, they didn’t cracked due to the softness of slide materials and because of the same softness high speed could be achieved too.



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