modelling clay diy

Art lesson #1: How to make simple modelling clay column

Spring is coming! And recently I remembered about all those piles of Fimo modelling clay that were waiting for my touch. I decided to make something from it and I want to share an idea with you how to make very simple pendant (or even nice earrings) from modelling clay. I called it “column” ’cause it looked very similar to me while I finished it.

1. You’ll need very few things to make column. I used:

• sharp razor blade (be very careful with it);
• needle (I’m using sewing machine needle);
• metal ring (or two if you want earrings), it can be silver, bronze, gold or any other color and any size you need. – Pay attention! Later, when you will finish your work you’ll need to cook it at 110°C/230°C temperature for 30 minutes so choose what other materials you want to put in modelling clay. They must be not of fast ignition!
• dolphin grey modelling clay;
• cherry red modelling clay.


2. First of all, I made this flat oblong shape from dolphin modelling clay. (I always put my modelling clay creations on clean white paper, not directly on the table. In this way you can take them of easier):

Then I connected two sides of of oblong shape together like this:

After connection I cut it in half with razor blade:

5. Two pieces:

Put a metal ring in it (were you cut whole piece in half). Press a bit, make sure it wouldn’t fall out. I put some cherry red modelling clay bubble on the ring and pushed it some more:

Now it’s up to you. You can shape columns corners, twist them as you like and put everything that you want in it: leafs, bubbles, twirls, coils – it’s all to your imagination! And use needle – engrave, make holes. Experiment!

So, for now…
Be good and good luck!


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