blue painting graphic


I painted this painting almost year ago and gave it as a present to my dear female friend Laimute for her birthday.

blue painting graphic

It’s mainly blue because Laimute just adores this color. Also you can see three animals in the painting – cat, bird and butterfly. Laimute loves animals and even more, she saves them! There is a great number of saved cats (which she loves the most) and dogs that found new home because of her golden heart, and all important work she does to our little friends mainly gets done with her own budget.
You can also find many symbols in the painting. Some of them you will recognize, some are pure product of my imagination.
Red “Y” above the middle – it’s a zodiac sign for Aries (Laimute’s zodiac sign).
I pained this painting with various colors gel pens in one month.


So, don’t gawk no longer – go and make colors dance!

For now…
Be good and good luck!



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