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Fools & Faults

Prejudice is that one ugly thing that I really hate to the depths of my heart. Similar awful action to it would be an ignorance. These two things separates people and makes us enemies for the rest of our days. But why am I starting article with such rotten note? I’ll explain.
Well, before talking more about men engineers I wanted to meet some of them, but it’s not easy job to do. To really know them and get them open up is even more difficult task. (Mainly because many of them I assume are introverts and works hard in the laboratories, workshops and offices). So my main source on engineers had become my lovely engineer SK’Avius and articles on the internet… and wow. All those commentaries I read about engineers stunt me. Some did in the good way and some in not. I feel urge to defend engineers because I am in love with one and as it was written in some comment below an article about engineers – they don’t get enough praise. Intelligence in general is overlooked.

So here it is. These comments were posted under articles such as “10 reasons to marry (or not to marry) engineer”, “12 reasons why engineers make good partners” and etc.

Emotions issue
Let me tell you something about emotions. Emotions needs to be developed. All children are born with emotions, but learns and understands them on the way to adult life. Also emotions can be changed at anytime in your life if you work hard with yourself. So when someone tells me that engineers/men in common/co-workers with brown eyes/gingers/caucasians/democrats/plumbers or whoever “don’t know how to handle emotions (their own, or others)” is little to say a bit harsh. And prejudice. How can you really know what is happening in other person’s head? How? The person can be very angry at someone, yell on them and later be very sorry about it to the point of wanting to disappear from this life. People can be tough on outside, but very fragile inside. Many wear masks. Many are afraid of something. And categorical “YES! and “No!” goes into my blacklist as well.

My Engineer: Has all set of emotions and knows how to handle them well.

Mhm… about emotions. Need to add, I kinda agree with this:
When I read these I went “Oh wow, wow! Really?” You were in relationship with one and now you’re throwing stones in all the engineers? When there are problems in partnership or marriage both partners has to take the responsibility. Tango is for two.
And what about machinery… Interesting. I have a theory that approximately 80% of all men loves machines, gears and screwdrivers rather then some chihuahuas and baby showers. Even if they doesn’t construct anything they time after time takes an eye on “Monster Garage” rather then Marta Stewart’s Show. But again, not all men are Discovery channel fans.

My Engineer: Yes, he is workaholic (in the healthy way), but he would never marry T-X and have cyborg kids. Talking about kids – he loves them, he wants them, so as he seeks romantic things.

SK’Avius work ethics.

•Venus vs. Mars

The articles that got these comments were about man engineers and they were very focused on how men engineers does a lot of work at home. No one wrote about how bad women are at these things or that only engineers man are brainy and handy. Nope, no one. But there appeared to be bunch of women who read everything in between the lines and twisted in their own mind how they pleased to. My suggestion is this: if you’re a woman engineer and want to portrait “your kind” in bright colors – write about it. Don’t complain. Just write. By the way, I don’t believe in Venus vs. Mars thing.

My Engineer: is not a sexist and he admits that he doesn’t know everything and asks help when necessary.


I catch myself doing that sometimes. Few people know how to just sit and listen and not to judge, advise, criticize and take actions against others wish.
Unfortunately there is some truth in this, however with time everything gets better.

My Engineer: Emh, yes, my engineer likes to fix things, but has strong intention to learn how to resist it and let some things go.

• Perfection

My Engineer: is not Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. (Inf fact, I think there could be only one Sheldon in 7 billion people on Earth and he is fictional character on TV comedy series). If you want someone to stay out of your business – state it clearly and loudly.

• Team Work
I remember myself working with the group of my classmates at school. Pure madness! I understand the matter of socialization and working all together, yet you can find yourself in ugly situation where you’re the only one who really wants to make the work, to finish project or assignment. And if you have different views on subject then the rest of your group friends despair comes along. You will gonna be silenced, you opinion will not gonna be taken seriously or you’ll be forced to do everything on your own in order not to get bad grades, or the war will start and will last for ages… or the rest forms of damnation begins. I solute those who love team work, really, you’re are amazing folks, but team work can be the huge struggle for some.

My Engineer: Doesn’t like it too. He understands the necessity of group work as an importance of individuality as well, but… c’mon, folks, who likes TEAM WORK?
Some time in the past he had team work, there was some study project that he needed to do with the couple of students. I ask him how it’s going on? He responded me with this:


Not all comments about engineers were bad. There was an negative article about engineers and the responses to it were these:


Also, there was commentary stereotype-breaker:

And some other good words:

So… There is morons in every tribe. There is wonderful, kind, good people around us too. I would love to end this article with Vanessa Pocket’s article from her cool blog:

So, for now…
Be good and good luck!



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