cart crazy

“MakerSpace” electric crazy cart (part.1)

This project is an impressive electric car created by my dear “MakerSpace” collegues. Knowing all the cars driving capabilities, it’s quite cheap to do. This car’s frame welded from square tube which rests on four small caster wheels and is driven and steered by one large wheel, which drives the electric motor with gear reducer. Crazy car accelerates and makes turns the same way as inventors call it – CRAZY!

In this video you can see the first version of the car with a 1.1 kW (1,5 hp) BLDC electric motor, which is normally used for large aircraft models. Driven by high capacity LiPo batteries, so the car is pretty easy, it’s fast in gaining speed and the maneuver.

Later in the video you will see a test with a lead battery. Of course, the car itself is nothing like impressive luxury car: for the seat they used simple office chair parts, steering wheel cut from a simple thick MDF board, feet pad made of sheet steel and the accelerator pedal made from a pair of wooden blocks. However reducer was made from their own professional lathe, parts are made from aluminum. Aluminum was made from melting old HDD, so this car is really one great piece of job from smart handy guys!

The most difficult place to work with was between the gear motor and wheel. They needed to make roller chain drive, which pretty fast wasn’t able to resist power of load. And for higher squeeze of the acceleration they made smaller “sprocket” for the motor axis.

In this video you can see the second version of the car with a 2 kW (2,7 hp) DC electric motor, previously used in the car as an internal combustion engine ignition starter and driven by one of the lead battery. It has been updated, design was improved, the steering wheel was welded from thinner tube and accelerator pedal made from steel sheet.


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