aerolab machine

How the AEROLAB looks like at KTU

This is american company AEROLAB manufactured aerodynamics laboratory or simply wind tunnel, which was acquired by KTU while I was studying aviation engineering.
Here you see wing with slats and flaps ready for testing. It is designed to measure aerodynamic forces in different conditions. The measurements are performed with strain gauges glued on metal block with screwed testing model. All the measurement results and graphics can be seen on the computer screen in real time. There is also available to control speed of flow.

In animated image you see glued threads, which are vibrating when they’re fall into the turbulent flow.


Because KTU department of transport engineering not only teaches us about the aircrafts, but also about the land transport, it’s wind tunnel laboratory assistant has applied the scale models of the Audi Q7. With it you can measure the air drag, lift and air drag when the vehicle slide sideways. Of course, this tunnel is not very powerful, only 5 kW (6,8 hp), but this amount of power is enough to induced really impressive hurricane in the room.


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