weaving products

My handmade weaving products

My mother was graduated from folk art studies, specialized in craft of weave and it’s just so happened to be that I also found interest in this craft. I started to learn how to weave since I was 3-4 years old. And here is some examples from my weaving products:

The real lithuanian weaving handicraft is characterized in debarked withies and craft from them are mostly used in household (baskets for vegetables, fruits, bread and other food storage, fishing cages or simply fences and so on.) In many gardeners’ or farmers’ yards we would find wicker baskets which are irreplaceable since immemorial times.

This craft originally came from Germany to Lithuania. After long time many people and companies in my country started to make various baskets, vases, trays, shelfs, pieces of furniture and other things from withies.
Today weaved products in Lithuania are the most popular and the highest quality. In the picture you can see basket for apples, shelf for spices with plywood bottom, carrier basket for vine (holds 4 bottles) and carrier basket for beer bottles also with plywood bottom (holds 6 bottles). One of the most beautiful weaving product is weaved flowers and they are called cones.


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