my heart belongs to hot engineer

Lovin’ an Engineer

by Mrs. Mastermind

Love is not an easy science. You need to study your partner a lot to get straight “A”s. And even at the end of semester, at the exams pops outs questions to which you don’t have the right answers: “Am I doing everything right?”, “Why he/she is not talking with me?”, “What is happening?!”

Well, calm down. We all go through this. But for me there is one big BUT… But there is one filiation of all human beings that falls under all our expectations and no suitable tests can be made to explore the depth of their souls. I am talking here about those lovely harmless shy creative smart geeky boys that later so happens to be becomes an engineers. Not all of them, no, but the love of my life is one of them. And I want to share my short observation for now about what it means to be in love with an engineer.

Needles to say how I adore Gigi Engle article Sapiosexuals: Why We’re Scientifically Attracted To Intelligent People on Elite Daily. If you didn’t read it yet, don’t waste anymore time and check it out. Well some people will gonna say it’s not scientific enough, very lewd, only dedicated for specific ladies and their pathological desires and I will never agree with this statement. I think it shows the real power of intelligent men and what impact they does to all of us. And it’s true. They do a lot and they remain in the shadow. But not anymore!
You’ll ask what it’s like to love an engineer? There is many aspects of this romantic relationship, maybe even to many to mention so most of the women who will gonna read this article will start to think that I am only bragging about it. Believe me or not, but this is the real life being in love with an engineer.

The first thing that I need to mention about my man is his looks. No, I am not that kind of women who goes for the looks. For me and all the zombies brains are the driving force. I’ll just give you an examples of what sort of men lives in my location. Also I will show you the illustration of my man and you’ll be able to compare them. This will give you more clear view on my preferences and what sort of men are lovely engineers.

(These are the types of “men” that mainly surrounds me. Love them or hate them, but ain’t gonna do neither of it.)

And this is my engineer:

Not an actual photo of SK’Avius, but very similar to it.

Do you remember those funny pictures of crazy improvements? Yes, you can make a lot of them if you’re dating or living with an engineer. There is my version of it! (Of course, my man was using those electrical clips not for its primary purpose).

Coffee time!

What conflicts? I would call it “arguing about the same thing from the different point of views”. It never ends with slaps in the face or even worse. Nope. Never. He’s just too logical, too rational and too well educated for such kind of primitive chimpanzee behavior.

Spreadsheets and calculator in the pocket  two best engineers friends. Sometimes I think my engineer is too good at managing budget, comparing prices, making plans and etc. In order to be more like my man, I’ve created these spreadsheets to show some things that I was able to calculate on my own.

Traits of my engineer.
What features of my engineer I like the most.

“Shows no emotional response”, “
has no feelings”, “only using their mind”, “icebergs”, “heartless” and other accusations like rocks were dropped in front of all the smart, intelligent men, specially into engineers garden. In defense I need to say that there is always some exceptions, but no strict rules to anything what exists. I’ll write about this subject more in the future. For now I only need to say that my engineer is loyal-romantic knight and always tries to make me happy and prepares surprises. Not bad, hah?


Yes, like many engineers I suppose, my love is a nightly creature too. The most feathered owl of all owls. And I would add to 6th paragraph that time to time he loves to gaze at stars 😉

He is really good communicators. Of course, many educated men and women are. And my engineer and his colleagues mostly like to talk about their favorite things (not much of small talk fans) and engineers have their own language. I’ll give you an example:

(Engineerian – engineers language.)


No small talks.

To sum up everything, I’ll say it’s not an easy to have relationships. To get on with people who are so different is not easy job at all. The main key to everything is to learn how things work and never dismiss subject-matter and give up on occurrences and people that we like or love.

So, for now…
Be good and good luck!



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